RMJ Loudspeakers

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High Power Sub Woofers

A range of 18” Bass speakers

Probably the best 18” speaker for med/large  chamber scoops.

Gives a tight deep punchy Bass .

Extreme power handling

RMJ Red I 18” 1500W

Info£298 +VAT

Extremely potent Super Woofer for for Med./Large chamber scoops

Also good for Manifold, reflex and Folded Horn enclosures

RMJ Red I 18” 1800

Info£328 +VAT

One of the original RMJ Sub drivers Giving deep sub bass

RMJ 18” 1500I M3

TS Parameters£295 +VAT

Exremely high power sub woofer fo med’large chamber scoops, Manifold or Reflex enclosures.

RMJ 18” 1800 I


RMJ 18” Trident


Tripple Silicone  Spider for tight Punchy Sound

1500 Watts

£298.99 + VAT


Open for Recones